Friday, 1 January 2010

Thank You Grandad!

A thank you card I made with a brand new stamp I got for Christmas. I nearly died with excitement when I discovered my tiny local craft shop is selling Hero Arts stamps! Gramps got me a £25 voucher for xmas so guess what I purchased :).

I was determined to use them and not leave them un-inked for months so there will be another creation with the second stamp I purchased tomorrow!

This started out as based on the sketch from 2 Sketches for You but it changed rather a lot in the process!

I'd also like to dedicate this card to my friends Alix, Paula, Ruth and Jaki - you guys have been the best and look forward to loads more fun times in 2010!


  1. awww thankyou hon...i love the card...and i love the message too. this is probably a bit soppy for you...but i love you and i love being your friend...lets hope the 5 of us have many more crafting and food related adventures in the new year xxxx

  2. Awwww bless you hun, I can only echo what has been said, you guys rock xxxx