Monday, 8 March 2010

Bottlecap trinkets

Just sharing a really quick little thing I made the other day. We popped into the local DIY shop and they happened to have a pack of bottlecaps for a bargain price, so of course I picked some up!

It's a little pendant I made using some really old BasicGrey stamps which I think are now discontinued and a Brilliance inkpad. Not much to it really.

I squish my bottlecaps in the Big Shot and it works a treat :).


  1. This is lovely Katy ... and I really need to know how you squish your caps ... i.e what combination of mats ... and which way up you squish them ...I have n't got it right yet!

  2. I wanted to know that too - I've only tried bashing them with a hammer on the stone step - needless to say the results were interesting! This looks so neat and even. It might be quick to make but it's very effective.