Wednesday, 16 February 2011

More Artsycrafts

Determined to get more things off my 'to do' pile, I've finished a second project from the Artsycrafts event I attended last year (the third has been consigned to the bin as I really didn't like my version of it but two out of three ain't bad).

This one I actually like (wonders will never cease!) and I have insisted it spends at least a few days on the mantelpiece where I can enjoy it before it is relegated to the craft room (does every crafter have an OH who just doesn't get it???).

My project is largely the same as taught in class on the front, but inside I decided to add a more personal touch. At the workshop the niche inside the book contained a lovely owl image stamped onto metal, but I do like my projects to have meaning (one reason I enjoy scrapbooking I think) and so I chose to add a photo and journaling block to the inside of my folder instead.The photo is of a beautiful place in New England called Bash Bish falls. We loved it there and I felt the photo fit the theme 'sanctuary' really well as it was such a tranquil and peaceful place.
Hope you like - thanks for popping over :)


  1. I do love your idea of showing it off on your mantle ... all the effort and attention you put into your work, so you should show it off. This is just lovely.

  2. Katy this is an amazing piece of work, stunning!! :)

  3. Too cool! Gotta love it when you can get all those works-in-progress done! I've got my own bin of almost dones, want to dos, and vague ideas which I need to tap into!

  4. What a gorgeous project, Katy! Beautiful cover, and I love that you added a personal photo on the inside - what a treasure. (If I were you, I'd keep it on the mantel - my husband wouldn't even notice, one way or the other, LOL!)