Thursday, 2 June 2011

With apologies to Kate and Dyan...

OK I am going to reveal my first two art journal pages. Progress is somewhat slow, but I am trying to fit bits in here and there, and I think the answer may be to use up leftover bits from projects for these pages (an example will be forthcoming!).

These two pages I started at Dyan's fantastic altered book journal class. I am fairly pleased with them as a first attempt, although neither really feel like 'my' work - I guess I need to get a handle on what art journaling should look like Katy style! The second page is quite inspired by Kate Crane (although it probably isn't at all obvious given how poo it is compared the the journal queen herself!) - hence my apologies!

The bird in a hat is especially for my dear, dear friend Sue ;).

If you leave a comment be kind LOL.


  1. Yea, way to go Katy, loving your art journal pages. Journals are so much fun and am glad you are enjoying yours. So relaxing. Annette x

  2. These look fabulous, Katy! Both are so gorgeous. This is definitely something I want to try someday!

  3. Your very dear, dear friend says...............Way to go Katy Fox. Loving them pages. Dy and Katie would be proud of you.

    Now lets talk about the hat on the bird..........

  4. Hi Katy, just found your blog! Gorgeous creations, I am now a follower! Pami x

  5. These are looking totally fab :-) Keep journaling, it suits you ;-)

  6. what is it they say - there are no mistakes in art? I love my art journal, I return to it again and again when the mood strikes me. I like your pages...keep it up :-)