Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I sense a blue and green theme....

Not remotely deliberate but it would appear today's offering is also blue and green.......... It's a canvas I did 100 years ago with the wonderful Hels Sheridan, using Distress Paint onto burlap panels. That's me sneaking a little kiss on my wedding day :).

It was my good friend Lou Wither's idea to add the tiara twists with the pearls (because I wore pearls on my wedding day) which I thought was genius!

I was the only one who used a photo on their canvas but anyone who has ever met me won't be remotely surprised at that! Here's Hels' original (the observant amongst you will now see just how long it has taken me to get it completed!). And that I didn't follow the instructions.......................

This is a rare beast as it's a workshop creation that's actually going up on the craft room wall. My lovely creative space is very nearly finished in there now - hopefully be completely done this weekend. Yay!


  1. Hope we get to see piccies when it's done Katy - I just love this canvas and the photo on it, so romantic. Lesley

  2. Finally I see the finished project. Stunning and beautiful. That stunning it is going up in the photo on Art Workshop Facebook page x

  3. A lovely canvas, just thought while I was here I would have a look around and found this. Gorgeous.
    Happy crafting, Angela x