Wednesday 31 December 2014

The year that was

It's been a funny old year. After finally plucking up the courage to leave my job from hell my creativity flourished and all of sudden I found myself invited to Design Teams (Rubber Dance and Tando), winning awards including the Compendium of Curiosities top spot (amazing!), and being honoured to be asked to Guest Design at PaperBabe Stamps AND A Sprinkle of Imagination.

Other highlights included being taught some awesome workshops by Andy Skinner, France Papillion, and Mark Smith of JMTV; having a commission in Beads and Beyond magazine; celebrating my first anniversary, joining the madness that is the Moxley crop, and making some wonderful new friends.

I thought I'd round up this year of creativity with some of my favourite makes from 2014 (in no particular order). Hope you enjoy! Here's to an equally crafty 2015.

Gorgeous MoonGirl :)

Keepsake box for Rubber Dance

Xmas Wreath for Tando

Bee Canvas

Andy Skinner Workshop

Guest for PaperBabe stamps

My CC3C Winning Entry!

Slide Mailer for Rubber Dance

Tim's Tag May


K xxx


  1. I'm sat looking at the notebook the last photo in real life. Thank you for giving it to me Foxy. You know that you made the right decision to leave the job from hell and the result of that is that you have found your creativity again and that is a blessing. You are very talented missy. Bring on 2015, see you at Andy oh and again at France in the North East x

  2. Happy New Year, Katy!! Sounds like at least half of 2014 was a happy one for you, and I wish 2015 will continue that way! I'm so glad you found me and joined my Design Team last summer. Your artwork is always beautiful and you have so many intersting tips and ideas to share! And not only that, but I'm also glad we've met because you are such a cool, sweet, honest, generous, and fun person - on top of being super talented! :-) Love all your favouties above!!
    Here's to a wonder-fun 2015! :-D