Saturday, 7 January 2017

CJS Jodi Ohl Class

I'm a little reluctant to share today because frankly I feel like this looks like the work of the average five-year-old... But I tried out the technique and trying new stuff is what CJS is all about (for me at any rate). Today's class was by Jodi Ohl, whose wonderful workshop is in no way represented by this piece!

My 'art' didn't exactly go to plan but this is the first time I've ever drawn a 'whimsical animal' (FYI - it's supposed to be an owl!) and the first time I've used my Gelatos for much except a little edging or accent colour. Jury remains out on those...I didn't find them very forgiving.

So there it is, I did it, it sucks but I tried some new stuff out and got stuck in. Proud of myself for that whilst simultaneously being ashamed of my ineptitude at drawing stuff!

At least I've probably made someone laugh today!!!

Katy x


  1. I love it Keity!! Give yourself also some slack for doing this the first time!!!! It is awesoeme.

  2. What! It does not "suck"! It is totally in the spirit of what Jodi does(other than her abstracts). Her birds are very whimsical and colorful, so this is great!

  3. wow Katy you must know some amazing 5 year olds! This is lovely! Hugs rachel x

  4. I knew it was an owl just from the preview - I think he's super cute! I think you have captured what Jodi does really well.