Saturday 25 February 2017

Take My Hand for DecoArt

Today I've created a very layered journal page using my Media supplies for the DecoArt Media DT. I love working with lots of layers, with just a hint of what went before peeking through each time. I think it gives a piece lovely depth and interest and it's a fun way to work too. I also like how the translucency of the Fluid Acrylics means that the dark grey background doesn't entirely cover my other layers, and elements peek through. I created a step-by-step to show you my process.

DecoArt products used:
Media Fluid Acrylics: Green Gold, Cobalt Teal Hue, Payne's Grey
Media Matte Medium
Media Gesso - White
Decou-page Paper: Moroccan
Find all these products at

Permanent black inkpad
Oil pastel in turquoise
Stabilo All Pencil
Masks (Donna Downey)

Scrape Green Gold paint over a journal page. Add Cobalt Teal Hue stamped with a piece of bubble wrap.

Apply some pieces of tissue and Decou-page paper using Matte Medium.

Add areas of white gesso all over. Add some stamping randomly using both Teal paint and black ink.

Add more Green Gold paint over the white areas.

Add some scribbles using an oil pastel or similar.

Add some further 'stamping' with bottle lids and bubble wrap using white gesso.

Scrape some white gesso onto the background using a credit card. This was the finished background before applying the grey all over.

Place the masks and sponge all around them with Payne's Grey. Blot the paint back in some areas so it's patchy (also the pastel resists the paint a little too). Outline the figures in Stabilo All pencil and add water to give the shapes more definition. Finish with scribbly journaling (it's personal - you're not supposed to be able to read it, hence the scribbly hand!).

I hope I've shown you today how lots of layers can create read interest in your designs, even when you limit yourself to a small number of supplies.

See you soon!
Katy x


  1. Stunning layout and great tutorial

  2. Love the page and your explanations are awesome and easy to follow, great job!

  3. Fabulous background Katy, those layers look amazing. Love it x

  4. Love the effect with paynes grey, fab.

  5. Wonderful tutorial and what a great background you created Katy. Love the colors you used. Layering paint is so much fun and you did it to an amazing end result. Xj.