Wednesday, 1 March 2017

DecoArt Andy Skinner Blog Hop

Prepare for dark and maybe even scary this week as DecoArt and Stampendous join forces and we get to play with Andy Skinner's fantastic new stamps!

I've had a lifelong fear of clowns... not totally sure why... Could be that I had a Jack-in-the-Box when I was very small that terrified the life out of me. Could be that I got addicted to serial killer books (still am) at an inappropriately young age - John Wayne Gacy - shudder......... Whatever the reason, I hate clowns! So there was only one way to go with Andy's skull with clown nose stamp and that was cathartic! As I started to express my fears my journal page got a little bit macabre; sorry about that! But if I haven't scared you away yet, here's a step-by-step tutorial of how I created my journal page.

DecoArt products used:
Media Crackle Paste
Media Crackle Glaze
Media Antiquing Cream - Black, White
Fluid Acrylics - Payne's Grey, Dark Grey Value 3, Carbon Black, Pyrrole Red
DecoArt Stencil:

Other products:
Stampendous Andy Skinner Stamps
Permanent black inkpad

1) Apply crackle paste through a stencil and allow to dry. Once dry, use a dry brush to roughly apply Payne's Grey and Dark Grey paints.

2) Add some drips of Payne's Grey paint.

3 Stamp the skull with permanent ink. Add some shadowing with a wash of grey paint and paint the nose red. Cover with Crackle Glaze.

4) Allow the glaze to dry fully and cut out the skull. Mix black and white Antiquing Creams to make dark grey and apply all over. Allow to dry.

5) Wipe back the cream with a baby wipe or damp cloth - I wiped most of it away so it was just in the crackles.

6) Place the skull onto your page and draw around it with a pencil. Use the pencil marks as a guide to create a Payne's Grey frame around the area where the skull will go. Mine dripped a bit so I went with it, as it echoed the drips above.

7) Add more stamped detail using the barbed wire image and permanent black ink.

8) Add some splatters of black paint (I used a wooden skewer for this) and stamp the word 'Fear'. At this point I wanted some more contrast so added some red paint drips.

9) To finish glue the skull in place and add some computer-generated wording.

Normal prettiness will be resumed shortly but in the meantime thanks for your visit today! I hope you're not too scared to come back!!!

Katy x


  1. Love, love, love this! The bold red nose and drips really make this piece breath taking! TFS!

  2. Wow! This is pretty awesome! Kinda creepy, but awesome! LOL!

  3. No clown phobias but after seeing this OUTSTANDINGLY AWESOME creativity Katy... I might be a little clown shy now!!! On the other hand... I like your "clown" MUCH better than an ugly old skull so... I'M thankfully HAPPY to have the pleasure of seeing your wonderful project!!! I bet Andy and Stampendous loves it!! Xj.

  4. Very creepy cool Katie!!
    hugs,Jackie ")

  5. I looove clowns but now might be wary lol it Katy and that nose, just want to reach out and touch it ♡♡♡

  6. I love that you made a clown out of fear.p since fear and anxiety is such a huge part of me. What a great reminder to help put fear in its place.

  7. Katy...your piece is stunning. The contrast of the black and white and then popping that red looks awesome! Love your background.

  8. This my dear is frightening! and I really love it. Afraid of clowns, read about serial killers and you create from your nightmares I think! lol Regardless of where this came from deep within the darkest chambers of your mind....HE is a keeper, and I love what you have done. Thanks for not only the art and fear story...but the step outs which I love!

  9. Wow!!! This is way too cool!!! I am really digging it. The background is phenomenal and perfect with the skull. I Love it!!!!

  10. Fabulous inspiration. Halloween is my favorite holiday-I want to do a canvas like this for my mantle this year. It made me smile-I needed that, thank you.