Wednesday 5 July 2017

Whaley McWhaleface

Meet Whaley McWhaleface, the newest addition to the smallest room in the house! I find workin with decoupage papers so relaxing and love making things for the home. This piece consists of a pre-made whale blank and a wooden block which was part of a Christmas sign that read 'NOEL'.

Products used:
Blanks for covering
DecoArt Decou-page Papers: Ship to Shore
DecoArt Decou-page Glue: Gloss
DecoArt Media: Gesso - White
Heart punch
Wire and twine

Ship to Shore decoupage papers

Here's how I made it (no step photos I am afraid - this was laptop TV crafting!):
1 Prime the blanks with white gesso.
2 Tear the blue paper into small pieces and use the Decoupage glue to adhere the pieces to the whale - apply a generous coat under and over each piece to ensure they adhere really well.
3 While that dries, cut strips of the white and red papers and adhere them using the Decoupage to the base. Cover the join with twine.
4 Tear some white paper into strips and scrunch them up. Apply to the top of the block with Decoupage glue. Try to retain the texture as this is meant to simulate white water,
5 Cover some thin card both sides with red paper and punch out hearts. Apply the hearts back-to-back to the ends of some pieces of wire.
6 Poke a hole in the top of the whale and fill with strong glue. Push the wires into the hole. When dry, manipulate them into position as desired.
7 Finally, very lightly sponge white gesso onto the tail and fins of the whale.

Hope you like him - I rather do!
Katy x