Monday, 7 July 2014

Creative Blog Hop

Last week I was tagged by my very dear and uber talented friend Trish Latimer in the Creative Blog Hop. So here I'll be sharing some insight (!?) into my creative processes and tagging some totally amazing crafters who inspire me. So here we go with the questions.....

What are you working on?

Generally I am working on a number of things at once. At present I am have a few larger scale projects in the pipeline and I also like to do challenges as they give me a starting point from which to work - I've been trying to do Tim's Tags and my latest effort is below. 
Recently I've been spending a lot of my spare time transforming my new craft room into a creative sanctuary and I LOVE it!

Over the next six months I will be doing a lot of work for the Rubber Dance Design Team – very excited about that. 

How does your work differ from others in your genre?

Not sure that it does! I like to think my USPs are that I have good colour sense and excellent attention to detail but my work can be quite eclectic. I think this tag is a good example of my detailing but I can also go clean. Do I even HAVE a style??? I'm not sure! I certainly do adore vintage and below is my fave piece of vintage work - a Configurations Box.

Why do I create what I do?

Simple. Totally for love – crafting helps me relax, unwind, express myself and have fun.

How does your creating process work?

I usually start by roughly (and I mean roughly – I SO cannot draw) sketching out an idea for what I am going to make. Usually my finished item roughly approximates my sketch but sometimes I just go with the flow. I am quite a controlled person so I like to have a plan in mind. I work fairly fast initially but usually the detail and finishing touches take me quite a bit of time. I like to tweak the design until I feel the composition is just right before I commit to the glue stick!

SO now onto who I am linking to! They will be posting next Monday but if you haven't been to their blogs before, go and have a look at their gorgeous work. There are plenty of people who inspire me, but I've chosen to tag some of those whose quality of work I really aspire to.

1 Liesbeth Fidder-de-Vos
I’ve known Liesbeth for quite a few years and her work always floats my boat; whatever stamps she chooses she makes them beautiful. What that woman can do with a stamp and a few inkpads is remarkable - notice her work is barely embellished and yet there is so much to look at.

2 Lydia Brooke Evans
I so admire people who can do CAS as I really struggle with it and dear Lydia is the master of this style in my opinion. Her cards are just so fresh - they make me smile! She also has a fab sense of humour which comes out in her fun choice of stamps.

3 Helen Chilton
Last but certainly not least is the fountain of crafty knowledge that is my wonderful friend Helen. Helen's eclectic style is a real inspiration and she has taught me so, so much about stamping. What I love most about Helen is her incredible use of colour - she can put together the most extraordinary combinations and they always look stunning! Oh and that she's just the right side of bonkers ;).

Thanks for visiting me on this creative journey today.

K xxx

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