Sunday, 5 April 2015

Andy Skinner with Art Workshops

I very recently went to a fantastic workshop with the uber talented Andy Skinner run by my very dear friend Sue of Art Workshops.

Learned loads of techniques and there is nothing - and I mean nothing - Mr Skinner does not know about the products he demos. The above class was due to be an IKEA mirror but because of my diminishing wall space, I used the painted panels on the front of a sketchbook instead. We used Antiquing Cream which is an awesome product to creating an aged look, and of course lots of paints. Oh and hair wax (but I won't give Andy's secret away!).

The second make was a little hanging again using lots of techniques including a very realistic looking faux rust.

Had a great time with great company. Even if Mr Skinner did spill his beer on me!!!

Katy xxx


  1. Thanks for coming along chic. Loved what you made on both days, but loved my little notebook more. x