Monday, 25 April 2016

I Like Journaling in my Car!

So last time I went on a long journey I decided to grab a bag of scraps and stuff and do some art journaling on a lap tray in the car (I wasn't driving by the way!!!). I fully accept I might be a bit weird.... But I do get so bored on long journeys.

So this is a work in progress shot I took in the car. I literally constructed this out of bits and pieces of leftovers from other projects. A few torn strips of book page form the basis and the tags were rejects from something else (they are embossed and swiped with raw umber paint), the wings and 'believe' are also rejects (I am a bit of a hoarder...). The frame is a random one from Prima I got given and the photo is scanned from my collection of postcards.

I really love these vintage tones - hope you like it!

Katy x

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