Friday 13 May 2016

Been Missing You

Recently I went on my holidays - beautiful scenery, sunshine, fun times.... But for the first time I really, really missed my craft room. Since giving up office work and going home-based, I now manage to create pretty much everyday and found myself longing to be in my little room and wondering if I was a) utterly obsessed or b) really need to get out more....

Luckily, the US has no shortage of massive craft stores (although sadly, like here, the independents seem to be slowly dying off with two of my former haunts now no more). My holiday plans always included trips to Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Jo-Ann. I was however trying to stick to a budget(!) - but I did manage to create with a few little bits and bobs I picked up.

In some ways creating with such limited stuff (I didn't even have an acrylic block - I used my eye make-up compact!!!) was incredibly frustrating. But on the other hand being limited did mean I had to make the most of what I had and work more minimally than perhaps I usually would.

One thing I did have was a tiny little book which cost a couple of dollars which I used as a small journal - in it are some experiments with Distress Crayons. Jury is still out on these I think... am not sure I like them as much as Gelatos, but I need to play a little more.

Lesson learned from now on! I am off to Scotland later this year and going with me will be a little journaling kit so I can get my craft fix!

Do you share my sentiments? Or am I truly a lost cause???

Katy x


  1. Wonderful results with a limited supply - well done

  2. I always take a little book of blank Windsor and Newton water colour postcards and a set of pocket watercolours and a few pens...just in case :)

    Like what you did very much... would never have guessed you had limited supplies :)