Friday 20 May 2016

Goodbye ColourArte and Thank You

Yesterday marked my last post as a member of the ColourArte DT as my term was up. They have kept me busy for the last nine months playing with their fab products! I think the Primary Elements and Silks are my favourites.

To mark the occasion I thought I'd share some of my posts over the last nine months with you. Each has a link to my tutorial on the ColourArte blog if you'd like to know more.

Lastly a big thank you to Leslie, the owner of ColourArte, for having me on the team. I hope I've been a worthy ambassador.


Phew that was a lot of photos! Thanks for popping along today.
Katy x


  1. Lovely work and so inspirational xx

  2. SWOON! How I LOve your style sweet lady!! I am popping over to join your blog so I don't miss one single post, smile. From your newest Canadian follower. (PS you can check me out at

  3. Your one talented lady my friend xxx

  4. So many awesome makes! Love their products and love your style! ♥

  5. A really interesting post with some very valid points and some gorgeous work.
    I've recently taken a few years out from crafting having been very involved in teams and publishing in the past - I think it reaches a point in the end where you need to take a break from 'crafting to order' whether that comes naturally and you just craft for pleasure or your hand is forced through real life changes / end of DT term. My saying to myself is as long as I'm enjoying it then all is well.

    ps... love your bee tag ;)