Thursday, 18 February 2010

Something you might not know about me...

Well it's Thurs again so time for my non-crafty post of the week.

You might not know about me that I studied Art History at University and developed something of an obsession with Soviet art and design as a result. I have quite a substantial collection of books on the subject and wrote a paper on the role of the pottery industry in Soviet propaganda for my Masters degree. It would probably send all of you to the land of nod but for me there is something endlessly fascinating about the utilisation of art (which is all about freedom of expression) for the purposes of the state.

You can wake up now!


  1. :) ... I love finding out more about you. And I'm impressed LOL.

  2. I did one year of Art History but the teacher was so boring that I gave up. It could have been interesting though... I was really looking forward to it :(
    Not sure about the soviet stuff though LOL
    Well done you !! i'm impressed

  3. Hasn't sent me to sleep at all! A big shelf of books like that always looks inviting to me, no matter what the subject..and I did enjoy that TV series on Soviet Art a while back. I like your tag "something you might not know"..that's a great one!