Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Another journal page and a very special card

Another journal page, made as per the plan from leftover scraps. These are the rejects from a recent Craft Stamper project (decided against the colour scheme) so I've just stuck them in the book. It's not turning out to be a journal really, just a collection of randomness! I never was one for introspection so I doubt you'll ever see writing on these pages. This page is MUCH more 'me' in style.

If you read my interview in the mag, that swirl is the Crafty Individuals stamp that is my 'most inked'.

Also sharing this gorgeous, gorgeous card I got from my friend Sue for my birthday. Sue went out and got my stamps (Nanny's Day Off set) especially to make me this card - how sweet is that? I love how she has used the stamps collage-style to create the background. I love it Sue - thank you so much sweetie. x


  1. Happy belated birthday Katy and its a smashing card.
    Your art journal is looking fab. Annette x

  2. Love your piece in the top photo! Just stunning!
    A new Follow for you....

  3. Sue did a lovely job with the card love the colouring.

  4. Gorgeous butterfly page - I love, love, love the CS project, and I love this color scheme, too! Both so beautiful. And of course, love the Nanny stamps - that background is a great idea.